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Nespresso CS200 Revisie

Nespresso CS200 Revisie
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Nespresso CS200 Revisie

Revision of a Nespresso CS200 Professional machine is really nothing else than a restoration with new original parts. A revision is chosen if the machine has too many faults, wants a machine that must meet the newly supplied requirements. The Nespresso Profesional machine gets a full "upate" can be up to contemporary standard and wish. What exactly do we do with a complete overhaul?


  • Internal & External completely cleaning machine.
  • All parts with lime are specially and professionally cleaned ultrasonically. (medical instruments are also cleaned in this way).
  • The complete dismantling of the brewing groups and the revision thereof including all seals.
  • Replace all silicone rubbers of the high pressure hoses.
  • Decalcify the thermoblocks, and check for correct operation, replace otherwise (surcharge *).
  • Cleaning the high-pressure pumps and measuring for correct operation by means of an advanced tool which checks for the correct pressure for the Nespresso machine.
  • Perform software update.
  • Extensive check on correct operation.
  • The possibility of a temporary loan machine during the revision.
  • Specially prepared shipping box to easily send the machine.
  • Extensive manual included.
brand Nespresso Professional
type Gemini CS200
color zwart
weight KG 19.5
voltage 220
wattage 2410
dimensions 56x42x37

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