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Nu verkrijgbaar een Nespresso Professional* alternatieve koffiemachine.

Nespresso CS200 Refurbished (Last Generation)

Nespresso CS200  Refurbished (Last Generation)
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Nespresso CS200 Refurbished (Last Generation)

"The Nespresso CS200 professional here which offered is completely overhauled."

The Nespresso Pro Gemini CS 200 coffee machine is a compact but elegant all-rounder. The Nespresso CS 200 can best be described as a compact but elegant "high performance" all-rounder. The CS 200 has 2 brewing units, an integrated tea spout. With just 1 push of a button you can prepare a superior Grand Cru within 40 seconds. The Nespresso CS 200 also has two 3-liter water reservoirs and two capsule receptacles for 35 capsules each. Café Royal and Nespresso offers you a choice of no less than 15 coffee varieties that fall into one of the following four categories:


Ristretto (25 ml)

Espresso (40 ml)

Lungo (110 ml)

Decaffeinato (40 and 110 ml)

brand Nespresso Professional
type Gemini CS200
color zwart
weight KG 19.5
voltage 220
wattage 2410
dimensions LxBxH 56x42x37

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