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Nespresso Zenius Refurbished

Nespresso Zenius Refurbished
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Nespresso Zenius Refurbished

"The Nespresso Zenius professional here which offered is completely overhauled."

The Nespresso Zenius can best be described as a small but elegant "high performance" coffee machine. With just 1 push of a button you can prepare a superior Grand Cru within 40 seconds. Ideal for example in your exhibition stand where you do not have a lot of space but do not want to make any concessions to quality. The Nespresso Zenius also has a 2-liter water reservoir, a separate tea spout and a capsule container for 20 capsules. Café Royal & Nespresso offers you the choice of no less than 15 coffee varieties that fall into one of the following four categories:


Ristretto (25 ml)

Espresso (40 ml)

Lungo (110 ml)

Decaffeinato (40 and 110 ml).

brand Nespresso Professional
type Zenius
color zwart
weight KG 7
voltage 220
wattage 1560
dimensions 19x40x31

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