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Café Royal

Café Royal Lungo
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Brand: Café Royal Model: Lungo
Café Royal Lungo convinces with subtle nutty-chocolate-like tones, accompanied by a light caramel aroma. This creamy coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans and scores with a round, full body. Tastes perfect in the company of a crispy shortbread biscuit...
Café Royal Lungo Forte
In Stock
Brand: Café Royal Model: Lungo Forte
Café Royal Lungo Forte is an aromatic roasted coffee with an intense, long-lasting taste. Delicious with a warm croissant...
Café Royal Espresso Forte
Out Of Stock
Brand: Café Royal Model: Espresso Forte
The tasteful Café Royal Espresso Forte surprises you with its fruity aromas and a hint of dark chocolate. Take a few real Italian cantuccini...
Café Royal Ristretto
Out Of Stock
Brand: Café Royal Model: Ristretto
Coffee lovers with a strong taste and an intense aroma choose Café Royal Ristretto. The fruity note of black forest fruits provides a refined accent in the cup. Fits perfectly with a bonbon of dark chocolate...
Café Royal Decaffeinato
Out Of Stock
Brand: Café Royal Model: Decaffeinato
Café Royal Decaffeinato is a light coffee with a wonderfully mild aroma. A fresh acid ensures the right balance. Tasty for a drink or with a freshly baked jam cookie...
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